Door build up


glass 003.jpg (96272 bytes)

Best tool in the world
The Jasper Circle Jig

glass 004.jpg (85304 bytes)

cutting the base circles

glass 005.jpg (110408 bytes)

mounting the base and the outer rings.
glued, nailed, and clamped

stuff 044.jpg (89801 bytes)

Mounting the rings temporarily
using wooden dowels

stuff 046.jpg (99103 bytes)

Door panel is mounted to a board
for stability while glasing

stuff 048.jpg (104099 bytes)

testing speaker fitment

stuff 055.jpg (108203 bytes)

fitting panel to the door

glass 015.jpg (118869 bytes)

finished glassed panel ready for
body filler to smooth it out.

glass 009.jpg (130289 bytes)

raised panel off the door

glass 006.jpg (105146 bytes)

Rear door glass coated
and marked for cutout

glass 010.jpg (116617 bytes)

Secret box added to panel
and glassed in

glass 012.jpg (107011 bytes)

Hole cutout and top of box
sanded smooth

glass 008.jpg (122540 bytes)

Box reinforced from the back

glass 013.jpg (113637 bytes)

Second rear door nearing

doors 010.jpg (67231 bytes)

Skull behind Flush mounted
Plexiglass Window

door3.jpg (97629 bytes)

Painted and Cleared

door1.jpg (111922 bytes)

Painted and Cleared

doors 007.jpg (120703 bytes)

Graphics Applied

doors 008.jpg (108487 bytes)

Graphics Applied

doors 009.jpg (110415 bytes)

Graphics Applied

doors 001.jpg (55631 bytes)
All Lit up


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